Tuesday, 30 March 2021

A C for-loop Gotcha

The C infinite for-loop gotcha is one of the less frequent issues I find with static analysis, but I feel it is worth documenting because it is obscure but easy to do.

Consider the following C example:

Since i is a 8 bit integer, it will wrap around to zero when it reaches the maximum 8 bit value of 255 and so we end up with an infinite loop if the upper limit of the loop n is 256 or more. 

The fix is simple, always ensure the loop counter is at least as wide as the type of the maximum limit of the loop. This example, variable i should be a uint32_t type.

I've seen this occur in the Linux kernel a few times.  Sometimes it is because the loop counter is being passed into a function call that expects a specific type such as a u8, u16.  In other occasions I've seen a u16 (or short) integer being used presumably because it was expected to produce faster code, however, most commonly 32 bit integers just as fast (or sometimes faster) than 16 bit integers for this kind of operation.

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