Friday 7 August 2015

More ACPI table tests in fwts 15.08.00

The Canonical Hardware Enablement Team and myself are continuing the work to add more ACPI table tests to the Firmware Test Suite (fwts).  The latest 15.08.00 release added sanity checks for the following tables:
The release also added a test for the ACPI _CPC revision 2 control method and we updated the ACPICA core to version 20150717.

Our aim is to continue to add support for existing and new ACPI tables to make fwts a comprehensive firmware test tool.  For more information about fwts, please refer to the fwts jump start wiki page.


  1. Where does one send the test results?

  2. One eyeballs the results. Actually, fwts is mainly used to catch bugs for the BIOS vendors, so by the time you see the bug it's probably too late because the firmware is now a shipped product :-(