Friday, 18 September 2009

More netbook ramblings

So, I'm now waiting in an airport lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 3 and blogging away using my HP Mini 1000 netbook. It's working out to be a good experience - it's light and portable enough to get through customs without lots of hassles.

Last night I copied about 5 Gigs of audio/video media to the netbook to keep me occupied during my flight across the pond to Portland, USA. I've dumped all the data onto a SDHC flash card as I'm running a little low of free storage space. Originally I started out with a 60GB HDD, but now I've swapped to a 16GB SSD to see if this helps extend battery life, hence I'm now using an SDHC flash card to boost my storage a little. I think this makes sense - for data that I use infrequently it's cheaper to store on a flash card rather than spending lots of money on a larger SSD.

So that's about it for now. I'd better go and catch my plane...

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