Friday, 28 October 2011

UEFI Secure Boot and Linux

There has been a lot of (heated) discussion in the past weeks concerning UEFI Secure Boot and how this can impact on the ability of a user to install their operating system of choice.

To address this, today has seen no less than two papers published to address this hot topic.  Canonical along with Red Hat have published a white paper that describes how UEFI Secure Boot will impact users and manufactures.   The paper also provides recommendations on the implementation of UEFI Secure Boot in way that allows users to be in control of their own PC hardware.

Meanwhile the Linux Foundation has also published a paper giving technical guidance on how to implement UEFI Secure Boot to allow operating systems other than Windows 8 to operate on new Windows 8 PCs.

So lots to read and good technical guidance all round.  Let's  hope that these constructive set of papers will push the argument into a positive outcome.

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