Thursday, 17 December 2015

Firmware Test Suite, 15.12.00

The Canonical Hardware Enablement Team and myself are continuing the work to enhance the Firmware Test Suite (fwts) on a regular monthly cadence.  The latest changes in FWTS 15.12.00 includes the following new features and changes:

  • ACPI: ASPT (System Performance Tuning Table)
  • Update ACPICA to version 20151124 
  • Boot path sync with UEFI specification 2.5 adding:
    • SD device path 
    • Bluetooth device path
    • Wireless device path
    • Ramdisk device path
  • Mixed tests and test category options, e.g. fwts --uefitests klog cpufreq will run all the UEFI tests as well as klog and cpufreq tests
  • A new --log-level option that allows one to log test that fail at specified a level or higher, e.g. fwts --log-level high will just show high and critical test failures.
  • The apcidump table dump pseudo-test is now aligned with the ACPICA table dumping (disassembly) engine.
  • Various bug fixes.
It is also worth mentioning that the UEFI Board of Directors recommends FWTS as the ACPI v5.1 Self-Certification Test (SCT). This is exciting news and we welcome this decision for FWTS to be recognised in this way.

We are also very grateful for the community contributions to FWTS, this buy-in from community is appreciated and makes FWTS a better tool to support different architectures and systems.

As ever, with new releases, please consult the release notes.

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