Sunday, 2 August 2009

No teeth!

I'm getting more confident and hence more adventurous in the way I fly my ESKY Lama model helicopter. I'm crashing it far less frequently and replacing the blades rarely now. Unfortunately this weekend I tipped it over at full power and did not pull off the throttle quickly enough and in doing so stripped a lot of teeth off the lower rotor gears.

The gearbox was covered in black plastic dust and debris - basically the brass motor gears had ground and stripped the plastic rotor gear teeth off in a fraction of a secound. Ouch!

This page has a lot of helpful info on how to repear this damage - it's quite a painstaking process and it's not a 10 minute fix. I'm now off to look for some stronger gear replacements.. ..and make sure I don't wreck the gears again like this!

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