Thursday, 26 November 2009

Out of the loop for a while...

I'm heading into hospital for an operation on my neck later today and recuperation may take a while. Hence this blog is not going to be updated for quite a few weeks.

Meanwhile, while I'm away, please feel free to add comments on the kind of kernel/system/BIOS related issues you're interested in to help me focus blog entries in 2010...


Operation was a success - now got a titanium disc in my neck and I've regained sense of touch in feet and hands. I can now walk again without the help of a walking stick. I'm keeping my keyboarding/desk activity to absolute minimum. Need to do a whole load of exercises to get neck more mobile and my immune system is working overtime which makes me really physically tired.


  1. Hope they manage to sort it out; you've had to wait long enough

  2. get well soon...

  3. hope you make a speedy recovery Colin...

  4. Hope you're feeling better. JonP

  5. Well, thanks for your best wishes. I'm now mobile and getting used to walking in a more upright way.. :-)