Sunday, 22 November 2009

Results from the "Linux needs to have..." poll

Before I kick off another poll, here are the totally unscientific results of my "Linux needs to have..." poll:

Working Audio
Reliable suspend/resume
Better video support
Better battery life
Better wifi
Faster boot times
Nothing more - it rocks

It's based on a very small sample (even though we get thousands of hits a month), so I'd hate to draw many conclusions from the votes. However, it looks like audio is giving a lot of users grief and this needs fixing.  Making Suspend/Resume better does not surprise me as I see a lot of weird ACPI and driver suspend/resume issues on the hardware I work with.   It's interesting to see that faster boot times are low on the wish list,  but I does not surprise me that video and wifi support are higher priority (since they need to work!) compared to getting to boot faster.

And to finish with, not many users think Linux does not need improving - this spurs us on to get subsystems fixed to make it rock!

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