Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fun with my ESKY Lama Helicopter

The weekend is here and it's time to relax a little!

My brother sent me an ESKY Lama remote controlled Helicopter for my 40th birthday a few weeks ago (very generous!) and I've been a waiting for the right weather conditions to fly it outdoors. Fortunately this weekend there almost no breeze at all, so I gave it at spin in the back garden.

David, my 6 year old, got a little over excited about it all (he kind of lost the ability to speak coherently in English and then threw is chuck glider at it!)

As you can see from the video, I'm still in newbie learning mode! (Actually, just out of shot is my apple tree which I was trying to avoid..). I need to do a whole load more training on a simulator! I've already put in an order for 12 pairs of new rotor blades as my landings in the rose bushes and close encounters with the apple and pear trees have wrecked the first set(!) Fortunately they are not too expensive to replace and I'm waiting for some to be delivered by Wednesday!

Anyhow, this is my first flying radio controlled toy and dealing with 4 channels of control as a newbie is keeping my hand/eye co-ordination busy! Perhaps by the end of the Summer I will have figured out how to do something a little more impressive than take off, hover and land!

References: ESKY


  1. Do you have a cat?
    I quite enjoyed playing around with my brother-in-laws remote control helicopter, although the torque meant trimming every time the throttle position was changed.
    I've spent some lunch hours playing the Ka-50 Black Shark helicopter simulator. Now that's complicated!

  2. Tim, fortunately I don't have a cat that can get it's fur mangled in the spinning blades of a model helicopter. However, I do have to avoid the apple tree in my back garden - so far I've not produced any apple sauce with the rotors, but I have sliced up quite a few leaves! Ooops!

    The TREX is an amazing model helicopter, now that's what I call awesome flying: