Monday, 1 June 2009

Grub2 - needs some love and attention.

Funny. Whenever I mention using grub2 as my default bootloader I get worrying looks as if I'm mad. There seems to be an opinion that grub2 is still not mature enough to use. There are rumours that it's untested and possibly won't work because of BIOS issues. Fear. Uncertainty, Doubt. FUD.

So with all this FUD around, grub2 has been slow in adoption. The problem with FUD is that it can be based on opinions that come from on rumour or hearsay - something has to be done to kill this FUD! The wiki page allows Ubuntu users to test grub2 either from a USB pen drive or by installing it directly on their machine and submit their test results.

So far, the results are very promising. We've not yet seen grub2 fail to boot from any BIOS. It boots from ext2, ext3, ext4, LVM, xfs, jfs and reiserfs partitions successfully. It successfully boots dual boot Windows/Ubuntu systems.

So, if you want to join me in killing the grub2 FUD, test your machine, and submit your results!

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