Saturday, 13 June 2009

I Have No Tomatoes

So I've been squishing bugs all week, how about squishing some tomatoes? "I Have No Tomatoes" is an amusing little game that basically involves steering your little red tomato around 10 grid mazes and in the process one squishes a whole load of other tomatoes.

Your tomato has the ability to drop bombs which blow any tomato in its path to smithereens, and you pick up power-ups by doing this. My technique is to pick up a Willow-the-Wisp which starts picking up power-ups for you. Then try to get a Potato Man which then automatically goes squishing more tomatoes for you. There a bunch of other power-ups, ranging from a lightning zaps, traps and more powerful bombs.

It's all light relief from tracking down and squishing kernel bugs! My scores are around the 420-450 mark, and any suggestions on how to get better are gratefully received!

To install, use: apt-get install tomatoes

Go on.. squish a bunch of tomatoes today! :-)

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