Saturday, 4 July 2009

BBC article on Open Source

Open Source software has made it onto the BBC's radar again with an article on their Click programme. It's commendable that they devote some airtime to it; the programme seemed be concluding that Open Source has missed opportunities because it has not marketed or promoted itself. This is quite frustrating, as the BBC normally reports on new software releases from Microsoft and Apple, but pays little attention to the new releases of software such as Open Office or new distro releases.

Also, it amused me that the article mentioned that the Asus Eee-PC has been "quite" successful. In fact, the Linux driven netbook revolution caught Microsoft by surprise and caused a massive change in the way people do low-cost mobile computing. Microsoft just has XP, with Linux there are lots of revolutionary desktop experiences which are tailored for this computing model.

It's a start. The BBC Click programme did mention it would like to hear your comments, so please watch the programme, and post them positive and helpful feedback - hopefully we can focus the BBC to devote more airtime to the benefits of Open Source computing!

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