Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rambling around in Winnie the Pooh Country

Sunday afternoon I took the family down to Ashdown Forest, West Sussex (home to Winnie the Pooh). It's only about 10 miles away from our home in Crawley; basically almost on our door-step. Instead of visiting the Pooh Sticks bridge which is quite a bit further down the road in Hartfield, we stopped off at Hindleap Warren for a walk and a typically English cup of tea from a Thermos flask. The walk is detailed in this PDF from

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Like a typical English Summer, it got a bit cloudy and there was spits and spots of rain, but that did not deter us from the short walk. En-route we discovered a lone pheasant and a bunch of Sunday ramblers (fairly typical of the kind of wildlife in the forest!)

Below, looking South towards the South Downs (on horizon):

Not surprisingly, it's kind a like the illustrations by E. H. Shepard in the A.A.Milne books...

Hopefully sometime this Summer we may make it to Pooh Sticks bridge and have a go at Pooh Sticks. If we do make it, I will try and get some photos and attach them to this blog. And if you are wondering, we did not see Tigger, Eeyore or Winne the Pooh.

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