Thursday, 30 July 2009

Twittering with Gwibber

I've just jumped into the micro blogging fad and signed up with Twitter and I was told I should check out Gwibber - a cool micro blogging feed tool. The beauty of this tool is that it can pull in multiple different feeds and also can push messages out to multiple blogging accounts. I suppose it's a kind of microbogging multiplexer GUI tool.

It can handle the following feeds: BrightKite, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, FriendFeed, Google Reader,, Jaiku,, Pidgin,, Qaiku, RSS/Atom and Twitter.

So, using Gwibber I can follow Twitterings from friends and colleagues and RSS newsfeeds from newsites such as Slashdot and also updates on blogs too. Cool!

To install, just use:

apt-get install gwibber

To setup, just select Accounts->Add and then pop in the details of the feed you want to follow or the microblogging accounts you have. It's as easy as that. One can also select colours for each feed to help identify where each message is coming from. Micro blogging messages can be replied to (there is a little gears icon at the bottom right of each message).

Finally, at the bottom of Gwibber is a text entry field where one enters micro blogging messages that get fed out to all your microblogging accounts. Mine is configured to push out to Twitter and

Why not check it out? Even if you don't microblog it's still a very useful RSS and blog following tool.


  1. Useful tip, I wasn't really satisfied with the other twitter clients I tried.
    Doesn't seem to want to start on my iMac with Ubuntu though. Must remember to try it on my x86 notebook

  2. Working fine now on x86 notebook