Sunday, 12 July 2009

ESKY Lama Helicopter Crash!

Bit of a minor disaster today. I took my ESKY Lama helicopter for a quick spin in the back garden and managed to slice the blades through the tail boom without causing any damage to the plastic blades! Owch! Perhaps I should have flown it indoors as there was a slight breeze that made it tricky to control the helicopter....

Well, the tail boom was rather flimsy and was in poor shape after I flew the Lama into my apple tree the other week. Below is a video of the incident for any of you who like to see my misfortune:

The good news is that after a quick Google I found the website "Pimp My Helicopter" that has flexible replacement tail boom, which I hope will be a little more resilient than the original part. They even supply a pimped-up Fly-Bar that has blue LEDs and make it look like some cars I see in Crawley :-)

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